Hello, We do sorry, but TimelineCoverBanner.com is in heavy maintenance. But the good news is... we have an even better tools to create engaging and useful Facebook cover . Let us introduce you to QUOTESCOVER.COM .

QuotesCover.com - Quotes Picture Maker for Facebook and else

The idea is simple. Just make your Facebook cover become your banner of thought. Put your own quotes over a photo beautifully and make it your Facebook cover.

Not only that, with this tool you can also create a beautiful and unique quotes picture (a picture with a beautiful typographic quotes) for social media post, wallpaper, or even for prints like poster or cards.

Wanne create cool customized picture like these?... super easy.

Here is a list of output you can create using quotescover.com (see there is Facebook cover there!)

Still not convinced yet? check Quotescover tutorial right here. Every project is done in less than 5 minutes. Thats definitely a time saver.